Registration for SME Health+


SME-WAF Agreement Letter

By purchasing any of the programmes under SME Health+ co-funded by the Health Promotion Board ("HPB") and administered by the Workforce Advancement Federation Ltd ("WAF"), I hereby provide the following details for our registration and acknowledge / declare, on behalf of my Company to the following set forth herein.

I understand that all terms and conditions stated in this form will apply at point of confirming our participation either through WAF or WAF's Panel of Service Providers ("PSP"). I have also noted on the Privacy Policy stated on WAF's SME Health+ website here as applied to my company and its employees.

(1) SME Definition

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this pilot scheme, Company must be incorporated or registered in Singapore and meet all of the following:

  • Annual Sales Turnover1 of not more than S$100m OR
  • Employment Size2 of not more than 200 employees.

1 Group Annual Sales Turnover < $100 million Group Annual Sales Turnover refers to income received by a company from the sale of its goods and services both locally and overseas.

2 Employment size refers to the total number of local employees and foreign workers hired. For local companies, employees refer to full-time and part-time individuals who have an employment contract or letter issued by the company. Foreign workers refer to hired foreign individuals with work permits.

Note: Company will be required to complete this form to declare its employee size and annual sales turnover. An ACRA certification may be submitted to WAF upon registration for SME Health+ Scheme. For company that do not provide the ACRA certification, WAF reserves the right to conduct checks with respective government agencies on its Unique Entity Number (UEN) provided.

(2) Programme Conditions

  • I have not applied, obtained or will be obtaining any other funding from HPB (e.g. on a separate grant scheme3 from HPB).

  • All the information contained herein and submitted with this Agreement is true and accurate. I undertake to promptly inform and update Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF) of any changes to this information contained herein and submitted with this Agreement.

  • All the above declarations made by me are true and correct. I also warrant that I have obtained all necessary consents from any third parties for my Company to disclose any personal data belonging to such third parties as well as for the onward disclosure or processing of such third party personal data for the purposes specified in WAF’s Privacy Policy ( I understand that HPB reserves the right to conduct checks on information submitted in the agreement and also to request for additional information from me in support of the declaration. I also understand that in the event of any false or inaccurate information or declaration, HPB may at its discretion withdraw any funding and recover from my company any funding that has been disbursed.

3Companies that have applied, obtained or will be obtaining separate government grant schemes such as Workplace Alliance for Health (WAH) Scheme will not be eligible for co-funding under the SME Health+

(3) Indemnity Terms

Participating Companies under the SME Health+ shall note the following terms:

  • The participating company shall indemnify HPB against any costs, claims, losses or damages arising out of or in connection with for death, personal injury or for loss or damage to property arising out of the Service Provider, SME and/or service provider act or omission.
  • HPB will not be liable for any death, injury, claims, loss or damages suffered or otherwise by the company, and howsoever arising, during the duration of the SME Health+ scheme.
  • HPB will not be liable for any bad debt incurred by the company nor will they hold HPB liable to and/or responsible for dealing with complaints or disputes raised by the companies concerning the services provided by the Service Provider and/or payment issues with the PM/Service Providers. However, HPB may in their absolute discretion intervene to mediate in any of these disputes or complaints as they deem fit.
  • To ensure the quality and integrity of the programme, HPB may contact the company point-of-contact for audit checks via phone and/or email. As such, your details will be provided to HPB for purpose of administrating this scheme and on-site audits may also be carried out.

I knew about SME Health+ Scheme through: (e.g. HPB webpage) and have noted on the above stated terms and conditions of SME Health+ Scheme. On behalf of my organisation, I would like to explore further to understand the programme offerings through WAF and WAF's appointed Panel of Service Providers.