The National Health Survey 2010 showed that 1 in 9 Singaporeans aged 18 to 69 is obese; a 57% increase from 2004.

Singaporeans are facing an increased risk of chronic ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. With a diet containing mostly refined carbohydrates and bad fats and oils with few fruit and vegetables, Singaporeans need to eat more healthily and reduce calorie intake to enjoy a better quality of life.

To combat this, HPB has implemented a range of behavioural intervention programmes aimed at promoting healthy eating and increasing physical activity. Companies who embarked on the intervention programmes for employees see a positive shift in behaviour at work, increased motivation and higher engagement of its employees.

Some of these programmes may be used as form of team building activities to enhance the engagement with employees ultimately, leading to a healthier workforce.

Under the SME Health+ Scheme, companies that wishes to participate in at least 3 workshops in nutrition can enjoy 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $175 per 1-hour session.

For more information on the nutrition workshops available under the Scheme, please contact WAF at 6725 9866 or email to to enquire.