According to the National Health Survey, working adults exercise the least. Less than 60% of adults aged 30-39 meet the physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes a week. The rate of increase in obesity prevalence in the last six years was highest amongst those aged 18-39 years. This is a concern because obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases, particularly heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. As the majority of working adults spend most of their time at work, the workplace is clearly an effective platform to reach out to working adults to change behaviours.

To further engage and educate companies on how to incorporate physical activities into their workplaces, SME Health+ serves to provide a one stop centre to address your needs for fitness programmes organised within companies’ own office settings or facilities.

Under the SME Health+ Scheme, companies that wishes to organise at least 4 physical activity sessions at its workplace will enjoy 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $130 per 1 hour session.

For more information on the physical activity packages, please contact WAF at 6725 9866 or email to to enquire.

As you know physical activities brings you tons of health benefits, so it's time to get active and let us be part of your workplace health journey!