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We are excited to have you on-board SME Health+!

Taking this very first step to participate and adopt the national programmes under this scheme shows how much you as an employer values Workplace Health Programmes as part of your employee engagement strategy.

SME Health+ is a new initiative co-funded by Health Promotion Board (HPB) and launched on 1 January 2018 following the successful completion of the pilot SME Workplace Health Package.

Similar to the SME Workplace Health Package, the SME Health+ also involves organisational, educational and economic activities designed to improve the health of workers, thereby improving the health of the community and the nation at large. The programme uses an integrated approach and co-ordinates with other relevant programmes, events or campaigns under the National Healthy Lifestyle Programme to achieve its goal.

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Let us now get you started by familiarising with how employers can be part of SME Health+ through the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

That’s not all! We strive to constantly review SME Health+ to serve your better and you will be delighted by the offerings made under this scheme supported by HPB appointed Programme Service Providers (PSP).

This FAQ highlights key features of your participation and the programme offerings. Hence, we recommend that you can get familiarised with the programmes and connect with us for any assistance so that we know how this national initiative is helping you.

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What is SME Health+

SME Health+ is a scheme that aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their health promotion journey. Under this new scheme, SMEs will have easy access to cost-effective and impactful health programmes co-funded by HPB for employees. Kindly click here for more information on the scheme.

What are the types of programmes offered under SME Health+?

SME Health+ offers many varied programmes that are categorised under 5 different categories namely, Chronic Disease Management, Healthy Eating, Active Living, Mental Wellbeing and Capacity Building for Managers / Supervisors.  Kindly contact WAF at 6725 9866 or email to smewhp@waf.org.sg to enquire for programmes information offered under the respective categories.

What are the benefits of enrolment into the scheme?

The workplace is a key setting for promoting the health of adults. Organisation can have a positive influence on employees' health by creating healthy environments, ensuring that organisational policies are conducive to good health, and by providing health promotion programmes and services at work. It enumerates the benefits of having a healthier workforce with the results of higher productivity, reduced health care costs, decreased absenteeism, lower work-related injuries, higher job satisfaction and performance.

Apart from the above mentioned key benefits, SMEs enrolled in this scheme will have easy access to cost-effective and impactful health programmes co-funded by HPB for employees.

How long will this scheme be administered/funded and open for enrolment?

HPB is funding the SME Health+ Scheme for programmes conducted between 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2019.  Enrolment for the programmes will be made available during this period.

How is this scheme different from SME Workplace Health Package?

SME Health+ is a scheme that operates on the same concept and model of the SME Workplace Health Package. Under both schemes, SMEs enjoy hassle-free access to cost-effective and impactful health programmes for their employees. The key difference is the extended list of programmes offered, increased co-funding by HPB and most importantly, competitive pricing of programmes as more Programme Service Providers (PSP) have been invited on-board to support the scheme.


What are the eligibility criteria for enrolment into the scheme?

To be eligible for this pilot scheme of the SME Workplace Health Package, company must be incorporated or registered in Singapore and meet any of the following:

  1. Annual sales turnover of not more than S$100m OR
  2. Employment of not more than 200 employees.

Companies currently on the Workplace Alliance for Health (WAH) Scheme are not eligible to participate in SME Health+.


How can a company enrol into the scheme?

To enroll into the scheme, please click here to submit your interest and the secretariat will contact you within 3 business days. This form will require the company representative to make declarations on eligibility critera set under the scheme.

If there are subsidiary companies listed under a group holding company, how many companies can be enrolled into the scheme and if there is a cap applied?

Each eligible company with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) can be enrolled into the scheme and there is no cap applied.

How long will the entire enrolment process take?

The enrolment process shall be completed within 5 business days as long as all supporting documents are provided to ascertain the company’s eligibility for its enrolment.

Must company be a member of WAF to enroll in the scheme?

No, company do not need to be a corporate member of WAF to be enrolled into the scheme or participate in the programmes listed. However, as WAF offers a complimentary membership to SMEs, this option will be offered to you. As a member of WAF, you will be updated with latest workforce strategies and best practices through exclusive online e-resources and receive complimentary advisory services on workforce matters. Further details on WAF’s membership benefits can be found here.


How will the activities’ fees be billed?

The activities’ fees will be billed based on specific activities registered and to be delivered in a corporate class format. Payment for the enrolled programmes must be made to the Programme Service Providers (PSP) before the commencement of the class.

How do I make payment for activities' fees due?

As HPB provides a 70% co-funding for programmes implemented under the SME Health+, companies will be billed on the remaining 30% of the costs of participation. The Programme Service Providers (PSP) will issue companies invoices for the amount due and payment shall be made directly to the respective PSP.

Will I be issued with an official invoice or receipt for the payment of activities' fee?

Yes, all Programme Service Providers (PSP) under the SME Health+ scheme must issue an invoice to the participating company upon confirmation of the class or at point of payment made.

Are there any credit terms issued for payment due?

Payment shall be made no later than 30 days from the issuance date of the invoice and must be cleared before the commencement of programmes. However, do note that such terms may be amended at the discretion of the Programme Service Providers (PSP) who are the recipients of the payment.


How do I register for the activities?

On confirming your interest in SME Health+, companies can request for a face-to-face meeting with the selected Programme Service Providers (PSP) to further understand the activities and programme offerings. Registration will be supported directly by the PSP and you will enjoy the hassle-free experience for your corporate programme.

How often are the activities refreshed and updated in this scheme?

Similar to the open enrolment period applied to companies, Programme Service Providers (PSP) may submit programmes for assessment by HPB. As such, WAF will update the approved programmes from time to time or at least once every 2 months. As a programme manager for this national scheme, we aim to work closely with all PSP to constantly review the existing programmes and activities to ensure that the health promotion journey embarked on by employers and employees are relevant.

If there are activities that not supported under the Scheme which I am keen in or would like to have a customised programme, is this possible?

Yes, although the activities and programmes provided have been pre-approved by the Health Promotion Board, any other programmes can still be offered by Programme Service Providers (PSP). However, kindly note that the government funded programmes must be pre-approved by the Health Promotion Board and customised programmes may or may not be approved with government funding. Nonetheless, WAF would be pleased to support you in such requests and could advise on a case-by-case basis.

In the event of any registration cancellations, will there be any penalties imposed?

Yes, such penalties may apply depending on the conditions set by the Programme Service Providers (PSP). Such terms will be made known to you at point of enquiry or on confirmation of participation for the specific programme. 

Who are the HPB appointed Programme Service Providers (PSP) under this scheme and if there is a profile of the trainers conducting the activities and programmes offered made available for consideration?

The list of HPB appointed PSP will be updated from time to time. To ensure that such information are accurate at point of enquiry, you may wish to contact WAF at 6725 9866 or email to smewhp@waf.org.sg to request for these information. Profiles of the trainers may be made available upon request.

If I am interested to collaborate with WAF to be an Programme Service Providers (PSP) to offer activities or programmes under SME Health+, what should I do?

WAF would be delighted to assist you in submitting an application to HPB. Please contact WAF at 6725 9866 or email to smewhp@waf.org.sg to inform on your interest and we will connect with you soonest.